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We've created a unique goal driven campaign strategy to help you connect with your targeted audience and grow your project organically. Our specialist pitching service ensures organic and algorithmic growth across Spotify providing the best chance of placement and success.

step 1

You submit your song to us

step 2

One of our team experts will listen to your song

step 3

We’ll pitch your song to a number of playlist curators targeted to your music genre

step 4

Your song will be submitted to 3 - 7 playlists for up to 7 - 60 days depending on which package you choose.

step 5

We’ll send you a list of the playlists your song has been successfully placed on.

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Major Music Promotions prioritizes the needs of each client and each campaign. We strive to help you find your creative voice through a variety of services. We are a culture of thinkers and doers who have been bringing our clients’ music into the spotlight since 2015. We work closely with every artist to create solid strategies that will produce measurable results.

We get your music heard by independent music curators that manage playlists on

Music Apps